Scheduled Guests 8/9/18

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Hosts: Jeffrey Davis

Producers: Chris Jarrell, Alex Cooper

9:00 AM – Rene Jarquin, Chief Investment Officer, Single Point Partners

Single Point offers Wealth Logistics™  an evolution of financial advice for your family’s financial responsibilities

9:20am – Laura Ballek Cole, Chief of Networks, Union Capital.

Union Capital Boston transforms social capital into opportunity by rewarding community engagement.

9:40am – Daniel Langenthal, Director, LDI, CJP   

LDI empowers Jewish leaders to learn together, to hone the needed skills to assess and recommit to their vision and values, and to create and implement action steps to move their organizations forward.

10:40 AM – Walter Wise, Founder, BPI Strategy         

Teaches small and medium sized businesses how to do business with the Federal government