Language of Business Show


The Language of Business is a recently debuted news magazine show centered on entrepreneurship and the vast array of issues and challenges that entrepreneurs face regularly. The show combines a mix of in-studio interviews and on-site location spots. Originally launched as a promotional vehicle for his MBA course at Boston College to attract entrepreneurs looking to work with his students, Host and Co-Creator Greg Stoller has overseen its evolution into a broader forum aimed to high and educate entrepreneurs.
“Our goal has always been to address the challenges and questions that entrepreneurs face and provide insights that can help them grow their businesses,” Stoller said. “It gives entrepreneurs a stronger voice, globally, nationally and in their local communities.”
Each episode focuses a particular business issue, topic, or trend and goes in depth to educate their viewers. One recent episode on “Money Management” looked at how financial advisors are trained and regulatory issues, both federal and state. This show has also become an extensive team production.
You can catch “Language of Business” Sundays at 11 a.m. on WBIN-TV and it’s periodically simulcast on Radio Entrepreneurs.

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