David Soper

David Soper

A talented entrepreneur, David started Wicked Local Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency, in 2010 by leveraging a solid foundation of good relationships with a hard-earned reputation for being a master at building those relationships and understanding the latest technology that provides unique advantages in commercial transactions.

In fact, having a knack for business seems to be part of David’s DNA. As a young boy, David watched his father run a small appliance-repair business in addition to his regular full-time job. David dreamed of the day he would work for himself. It didn’t take long. As a nine-year-old he purchased a paper route from an older boy. In what seemed like no time at all, David built that small route into a behemoth. He sold off portions of the newspaper delivery business and retooled his mission to include lawn care services during the summer. David’s youthful success in the commercial marketplace allowed him to self-finance his college education.

After doing good work in appointed positions on recreation commission and zoning board of appeals, David also served as a well-respected elected official in local government.

David’s desire to live a life that benefits others and makes our community better has led him to take an active role in non-profit and charity work. He is a busy member of the South Shore Chamber of Commerce, and has served on the South Shore Economic Development board. His passion for volunteering, interpersonal skills and strong ability to connect the right people with the right cause have led him to advising and serving on several groups including South Shore Hospital’s Links Committee, which he chaired.

Growing your business and retaining customers in today’s high-demand, information-driven world requires fresh insight and creative thinking. To find solutions and get the results you need, contact David and leverage his experience to secure your spot in our rapidly-changing, digital world.

Contact David at 857-284-8331 or email him at dsoper@wickedlocalmarketing.com

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