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Jeffrey Davis


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Jonathan Freedman

Owner, Mage LLC

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Evan Macedo

Sapers & Wallack

Jeffrey Davis

CEO, Mage LLC –

Jeffrey S. Davis is the chairman and founder of Mage, LLC, a firm that has provided successful business, leadership and strategic advice to over 700 successful entrepreneurial organizations and leaders. Jeffrey is also Chairman of the Board for MTP Software the leading CRM company for sports franchises. Jeffrey’s practical, energetic, ‘hands-on’ approach, and rare ability to understand and focus on each client’s organizational and strategic needs has helped him become a nationally and internationally retained advisor, board member, and speaker.

Jeffrey Davis is regularly called upon by the media as a resource on change, strategy, and managing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and leaders trying to succeed in today’s shifting world.  Jeffrey previously hosted two nationally syndicated business radio segments for The Business Radio Network and the Apple Canada Business Report, and he currently hosts the podcast Radio Entrepreneurs which streams on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, and nearly half a dozen other internet channels. Jeffrey has also served as a columnist for the Boston Business Journal on issues faced by small businesses and has written the book “The 24-Hour Turnaround” which features six value driven leaders and their formula for value driven success despite difficult times.

Jeffrey’s work with both leaders and families has proven to be transformative. He sits on several boards of both for profit and not for profit organizations to advise on strategic change & growth strategy. He proudly serves as Co-Founder of the Massachusetts Family Business Association and is the N.E. Chairman for Israel Bonds. Jeffrey has also previously sat on the National Executive Committee as a Vice President for the JNF, and the board of American High School Israel (AMSI).

Before founding Mage, Jeffrey established his reputation as a person with special insights into the workings of entrepreneurial & family run organizations, working for his own family business and many of his own ventures. Jeffrey has demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and insight as a: strategist, organizational & family change agent, leadership advisor & coach, and brand marketing & sales expert. Jeffrey built his experience in these areas working for acknowledged world leading organizations such as Ethicon Sutures (a Johnson & Johnson Company) and Dole Dane Bernbach.

Jeffrey has been an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Babson College, and completed the SEE certification for teaching entrepreneurship. He did his undergraduate work at Concordia University in Montreal, where he majored in clinical psychology with an additional emphasis on business. Jeffrey collaborated with the renowned family therapist, Dr. Max Garfinkle. Dr. Garfinkle was a pioneer in the work of private family development strategies and was at various times a professor at: Columbia, the Sorbonne, and the University of Montreal. Jeffrey pursued graduate studies in marketing and organizational development at the University of Ottawa.

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Jonathan Freedman

Owner, Mage LLC –

Jonathan Freedman brings a depth of business acumen and operating knowledge and has held every important position at Mage. He has been essential to providing our clients with over 30 years of growth and success. Currently, Jonathan serves as President of Mage and in addition to his client work is charged with overseeing the company’s finance, operations, and managing the company’s continued long-term success.

As a corporate advisor, Jonathan assists companies in the development of winning cultures as well as organizational visions and missions. An essential component of Jonathan’s client work has been strategic planning, executive coaching, recruitment strategies, organization design, and team building. Drawing on his years of successful business ownership, Jonathan’s expertise includes sales & sales management, operations, marketing, business development, finance, and administration. Additionally, his forte is the design and implementation of management control systems. Freedman has been instrumental in guiding Mage clients through strategic turnaround situations, resulting in greater efficiencies and increased revenue and profit margins.

Mage clients find Jonathan to be an exceptional communicator who is adept at guiding them through organizational challenges and value his insight, presentation, and facilitation skills. Jonathan has developed, worked with, and serves on leading boards and has extensive experience leading executive meetings. His extensive and broad consulting experience and entrepreneurial background led to his appointment as President of Mage.
Freedman’s entrepreneurial passion has resulted in his involvement in several start-up enterprises, including MTP Software – an innovative provider of enterprise-class solutions to the SME marketplace. Freedman was also instrumental in the startup and development of Gazelles International and was Mage’s representative to Gazelles for many years where he is certified in the Rockefeller Habits curriculum for growth and development of fast-growth companies.

Jonathan is a Trustee of Hebrew Senior Life, one of the nation’s preeminent providers of services to seniors as well as the largest provider-based geriatric research facility in the United States. He currently serves on the Health Care Services and Health Care Quality committees. Freedman is a past President of the Men’s Associates of that organization.
Jonathan has a B.A. in Political Science from McGill University and an MBA from Clark University with a concentration in Organizational Development. Jonathan lives in Newton MA with his wife and two children. Jonathan has been an active member of his town Little League Board for more than a decade and coached three successive state tournament finalist teams, with two of those teams winning state championship titles. When Jonathan is not working, he can be found outdoors enjoying skiing, mountain biking, boating, gardening, or learning to play guitar.

Evan Macedo

Treasurer & Vice President of Finance and Operations, Sapers & Wallack –

Evan is Sapers & Wallack’s Treasurer & Vice President of Finance and Operations. He has over a decade of success conducting the financial leadership, operations, and human resources of venture capital, environmental construction, solar market consulting, employee benefits, insurances and investment advisory companies.
Evan brings a strategic CFO-centric approach to every company he is involved in and truly invests his time finding new ways to improve their cultures, technologies, and internal processes while simultaneously negotiating fair but profitable deals leading companies towards future growth.

In addition to having strong business acumen, Evan also spends his time as the co-host on Radio Entrepreneurs and is an avid networker finding new ways to bring people together. In his spare time, you will find Evan enjoying life boating out on the water, fishing, leading hikes up in the NH mountains, and practicing his golf swing.
Evan holds his Masters of Science in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts Amherst – Isenberg School of Management and continues to stay engaged in current events continuously learning every day.