Responsible Retailing Forum (RRForum) has received approval from the City of Waltham to form The Massachusetts Alcohol Responsibility Program (MA ARP), a public-private partnership between the RRForum, Massachusetts cities and town, and alcohol beverage licensees and their industry partners. The MA ARP seeks to lower rates of underage access to commercial alcohol, assist licensees and their communities achieve consistently high compliance with alcohol sales laws, and to promote safe, responsible, and economically vibrant alcohol sales, service and hospitality industries. The MA ARP is built upon (1) periodic feedback to staff and managers on actual conduct in checking IDs as observed by young, legal-age mystery shoppers, (2) adoption of simple Best Practices for Responsible Retailing, and (3) communication and cooperation among law enforcement, licensing commissions, and licensees and their industry partners, and customers. This model is also applicable to Cannabis retailers, and Brad can discuss how this might be implemented. Brad is also here to discuss their new app which is under production – “Check Yourself” which allows users to determine whether they are impaired (through alcohol, marijuana, or any other substance).