The USA 500 Clubs is an exclusive professional membership organization providing a platform for high-end professional business advisers to increase commerce through collaboration, strategic relationships, reputation management/enhancement, branding, and education. Our membership consists of senior-level professionals: attorneys and accountants (=/>65%); commercial bankers; financial professionals; M & A consultants; business consultants; non-profit decision-makers; in-house counsel; and media. Members must be sponsored into the USA 500 Clubs by an existing member or a former member in good standing. While respecting and supporting business-to-consumer trades and vendors, the USA 500 Clubs platform does not allow their membership in the organization. We are looking for serious professionals who have a “deep bench” of clients and a strong desire and need for professional resources.

Title: “An Organization of High-Caliber Professionals”
Guest: Joe Chatham – USA 500 Clubs LLC
Interviewer: Jonathan Penta of Penta Wealth Management and Jonathan Freedman of Mage LLC



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