As the Founder of Copper Kettle Bakery, my hope is to bring Welsh Cakes to the masses. What is a Welsh Cake Anyway? Welsh Cakes are a traditional food from Wales, they combine the very best elements of a scone, a biscuit and a pancake. They are made on a griddle, in the same way you make a pancake. Featured in The Boston Globe, The Cohasset Times, The Dedham Times, Edible Boston, and The Kitchen Scout, Copper Kettle Bakery has been open since Fall 2013 and now sells Welsh Cakes to over a dozen retail stores throughout the country.

Title: “Authentic & Delicious Welsh Cakes”
Guest: Helen Coates – Copper Kettle Bakery
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis – MAGE LLC & Peter Myerson – Attorney & Author



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