Conductor is a full service production company featuring creative directors and producers covering the spectrum from national spots to Direct Marketing campaigns. Regardless of where the script and boards originate, the next step is to build the product. That’s the part of the process that gets us beaming. We do productions of all sizes, but we lean towards the kinds that require large talented crews of seasoned experts. EngineRoomEdit is a post production boutique featuring editorial for commercials, films, television and corporate videos. In addition, BrewHouseVFX is our graphics company working on features, TV shows, commercials and videos. And finally, Conductor Productions: Our production company that answers the question “Can they do it all?” Yes, they can. And really well.

Title: “Hollywood-quality Ads & New Ventures”
Guest: Don Packer – Engine Room Edit & Conductor Productions
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis of MAGE LLC and Author and Attorney Peter Myerson



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