Title: “Demystifying The Divorce And Family Law Process”
Guest: Gina Calabro – Brick, Jones, McBrien & Hickey, LLP
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis of MAGE LLC and Mark Furman of Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers

At Brick, Jones, McBrien & Hickey, LLP, our attorneys bring their varied professional backgrounds and strengths to all aspects of any case. With backgrounds in criminal prosecution and defense work, international divorce law, assisted reproductive technology law, psychology and social work, we have a breadth and depth of knowledge that enhances client representation. In addition to these areas, our attorneys publish articles and books on family-law related topics and are frequently called upon to teach complex financial and legal topics to other attorneys and professionals in the family law industry. Several members of the Firm also serve in neutral capacities through private or court-appointed work as mediators, conciliators and Guardians ad Litem. Gina handles complex domestic relations matters including divorce, modification, contempt, paternity and equity matters. She also participates in all facets of domestic relations practice including motion hearings, four-way settlement meetings, discovery masters conferences, pre-trial conferences and trials.



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