Robust Alternatives assists companies in designing/redesigning their financial function to discern, capture and track progress on key matrix, both financial and non-financial. Robust Alternatives delivers exceptional value as “Chief Financial Officer” for entreprenurial companies in a growth or turnaround/wind-down mode. Your bookkeeping systems may give you data. We make sure the data is complete & then help translate that data into useable, understandable and actionable information. Armed with entrepreneurial, general management and finance skills, with experience & practical advice gained at National, regional and local CPA firms and direct operating experience at manufacturing & service companies, we are uniquely qualified to understand your challenges.

Title: “Helping Businesses Get Financial Insight Into Inventory & More”
Guest: Jim Roche – Robust Alternatives
Interviewers: John Dustin – JED Insurance & Nathan Gobes – MAGE LLC



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