I’m the Founder of the Boston Men’s Group, LLC, I’m a Certified Corporate Trainer, and Forbes Council Coach. My career has spanned wellness, leadership, and business. I ran a marketing firm, Marketing Superheroes for 8yrs, that led to millions in revenue for SMB. Later I joined the leadership team of Boston Business Women as a co-founder. The group now has over 18K women. Today I run the Boston Men’s Group, creating a space for men to discuss topics that are important in changing times. The women’s empowerment movement has been wonderful for the development of women, although there is more work to be done. There is not enough programming that speaks specifically to the male perspective on how their role is changing.

Title: “Put People First: Building Culture In Your Organization”
Guest: Megan Marini – Megan Marini Consulting
Interviewers: John Dustin – JED Insurance & Nathan Gobes – Mage LLC



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