ThreadTech is an apparel development and production incubator based in Boston, MA. Featuring a makers space within ThreadTech™ where Fashion Designers can rent industrial sewing machines and work stations to create garments for their collection or customers. Resources, professional dress forms, lockers and necessary supplies are also available to those who need it. 3-D specs, patterns and pattern revisions, fittings, samples, small runs & fabric/trim sourcing are all done in-house, eliminating the need to out-source. ThreadTech also offers local warehouse & distribution – let ThreadTech™ take care of your storage, packaging and shipping needs, from one garment to mass production. Local and Sustainable Fashion Designers, ThreadTech™ is your new home.

Title: “Product Design & Production for Fashion Designers and Brands”
Guests: Thom Laub – ThreadTech Inc.
Interviewer: Jonathan Freedman, MAGE LLC



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