For 32 years, i’ve gained experience in business and employment litigation and dispute resolution. My current focus is providing efficient and timely advice to executives and businesses in employment matters, from classic discrimination cases to claims involving restrictive covenants, misuse of trade secrets, wage and hour and other compensation and equity claims, and wrongful termination claims. I strive to minimize my clients’ risks in moving between firms, often advising them in high pressure and very time sensitive situations—in both public and private company moves. In this area of “executive mobility” I seek to maximize cash and equity value for my clients; minimize the disruption of restrictive covenant agreements; avoiding theft of trade secret problems, and making transitions as seamless as possible.

Title: “For The Record: Trade Secret Theft Mitigation In Small Business”
Guest: Michael Chinitz – Chinitz Law LLC
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis of MAGE LLC and Mark Furman of Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers



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