You enjoy your best night’s sleep when your body is comfortable and your mind is at peace. And that’s why we dreamed up Drumi: the hybrid mattress that combines breathable, heat-wicking technology with resort-level comfort and pressure relief for every body — all with eco-conscious design and effortless delivery. Each Drumi mattress helps to clean our oceans from marine litter by supporting the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. The outer cover is made with sustainable SEAQUAL® YARN, containing upcycled marine plastic. Plus, we donate a portion of our proceeds to Coral Restoration Foundation Curaçao. Drumi’s premium hybrid design combines Talalay latex, heat-wicking Serene® Foam, individually wrapped pocketed coils, and a breathable outer cover to provide just the right balance of soſtness and support — and keep you cooler all night long. Serene® is a registered trademark of Carpenter Co.

Title: “Getting Quality Sleep & Helping The Ocean At The Same Time”
Guests: Kanchan & Girish Nebhwani – Drumi
Interviewer: Nathan Gobes – MAGE LLC



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