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Title: “Money Education For All Parts Of A Financial Journey”
Guest: Jennifer Sahady – Master Money
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis – MAGE LLC

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Jeffrey (0s):
Well, hello everybody. And welcome back to Radio Entrepreneurs. I don’t know if everybody has missed me during my absence. A I was working on my book, the new edition of my book, the 24 hour turnaround and other client activities. And I took a little bit of a hiatus from Radio Entrepreneurs, And I want to thank Jonathan Freedman who probably did better than I did stepping in for me and playing host for Radio Entrepreneurs. A Jon is a more than inadequate required replacement. He may be a superior replacement. Our next guest, I don’t want to take too much time, is Jennifer Sahady CEO of master money. Welcome.

Jennifer (40s):
Thank you so much.

Jeffrey (41s):
A welcome tell us about master money.

Jennifer (45s):
So, so I started a consulting company to focus specifically on financial education. There are plenty of businesses that serve the financial market, and I found an all of my time and finance, but there is this huge gap of education. So I’m trying to help people learn how to master their money so that their money stops mastering them. So

Jeffrey (1m 7s):
Is this on a personal level or a corporate level?

Jennifer (1m 11s):
It’s actually on both. So my experience is at corporate and personal self. In the past, I worked as an education consultant for a retirement companies. So I would go in to any company that has a 401k plan or a four oh three B or four 57. And I would help people better understand how to save for retirement, but I realize that retirement is really the end of the financial journey, but you have to start it early, but first there are so many other things that you need to understand. So I found myself trying to fill the gaps and teach people how to have the money, to put money away for retirement and how to have emergency accounts. And he had has a better control over a savings and spending because it’s very, very easy to just fall into the inertia of marketing and sales.

Jennifer (1m 56s):
In fact, all of the best behavioral finance that scientists are working for a sales and marketing companies. So the average consumer doesn’t realize the force that is against them when it comes to controlling their own money.

Jeffrey (2m 10s):
Well, you know, I’m a big supporter of what you said. And I used to have a client a that did it, financial education for a stat for its employees, a blue collar employees. And they found that it was the best training they ever did because most of them didn’t know how to balance their checkbooks. Didn’t know how to pay down debt, pay down college, save for college. And by doing that, they actually increased job satisfaction and productivity, retention, and retention. And so is this some of the stuff that you might be doing? Yeah,

Jennifer (2m 42s):
Absolutely. And I’m really excited to hear that there’s someone out, out there doing that because I didn’t find many people and it’s daunting to try to take on this, this big task I’ll on my own.

Jeffrey (2m 53s):
Right. But you’ve done it for a lot of companies. You’re saying that you’ve done it for over 500 companies.

Jennifer (2m 57s):
I have. Yeah. So I worked my up from smaller company. So I have work with startups. I have worked with middle sized companies and I moved into the mega market when I was working with a really, really big names and helping people from all backgrounds. So I’ve had a, a bit of diversity in my experience and I’ve added working with individuals as well, because in the past that I wasn’t able to say so in the past, I could only work with clients of mine company. So I could work with anyone who needs, well,

Jeffrey (3m 26s):
I’m a big fan of going into what I call the way back machine. I didn’t invent the term, a Rocky J squirrel, and those people did it and the 1960s, but a tell us about your background and how you evolved to this point.

Jennifer (3m 40s):
Absolutely. So I grew up a little bit differently. I think the most, when I wanted something, my parents would always say, well, let’s burn it. So they’d make me do additional chores around the house, like painting fences beyond having to vacuum a dust, every room, which was my responsibility. And I was just very careful, very frugal. I went to business school, I went to Bryant university and of course, then I went across the street to fidelity. And when I was interning at fidelity, they taught me about the 401k. And I was really surprised that I hadn’t heard about it sooner. And it really made me realize as a senior in college, how much I hadn’t learned about real world things. So I instantly sought out to just be a carnivorous devour of knowledge.

Jennifer (4m 24s):
I look to get information wherever I could. And I moved into the retirement education position, which I loved because you probably recognize this. This might be one of your secrets behind being a radio show host or a streaming host. Now, when you’re learning and teaching with other people, you’re learning too. Right? So I had this really great opportunity to travel across the country. I worked in 47 different states with people of all backgrounds of all ages. And every time I spoke with someone, I could see the person in front of me, but I could also see their age, their retirement savings balance and their income. And I was able to dispel a lot of the myths that I had in my head from a societal norms about who is wealthy and who is happy and who is stressed about money and who isn’t.

Jennifer (5m 13s):
And I think there’s this thought in life that once I reach this amount of money, I’ll be happy. Once I have this many things, I’ll be happy. And I was able to clearly see time and time again, that that just wasn’t true. And that was really impactful. I try to teach people that, but being able to see it and feel it really made a huge difference on my life and the way I live and the way I approach happiness and the finances. So,

Jeffrey (5m 42s):
You know, a I’ve heard this before, but usually it’s from people who appear to be a lot older than you are a way that they’ve come to this conclusion at a certain point of their career, that you know, that the, let’s say through their twenties, thirties, forties, they’re all developmental points, fifties that, you know, they’re more driven towards success, maybe up until fifty’s, but as they hit 50 60 there a concept of success and life balance changes a you don’t look like you’re even close to that. I don’t want to get in trouble. A

Jennifer (6m 18s):
I appreciate that. I might be a little bit older than I love, but you’re right. I have to come to conclusions a little bit faster than most because people were honest with me. People gave me the gift of speaking sincerely and I listened, right? So there’s a lot of knowledge out there. I learned at an early age that I didn’t have to make every mistake myself. I could learn from other people’s mistakes. And that is actually a lot easier and less painful. I could learn from other people’s successes, you know, and my teens and my twenties, I spend all of my time, tried to make every mistake myself and I learned a lot. I did, but learning from others has been a huge gift. So a lot of times people we’ll say you don’t talk about money, it’s rude, but I can tell you from having thousands of conversations about money and actually listening to other people, it can help you advance decades.

Jeffrey (7m 13s):
Right. Right. How do you get your clients?

Jennifer (7m 18s):
Every which by most come from referrals, I have a pretty extensive network and allows me to work with people I trust as well. I have had some people reach out to me just from LinkedIn or from Facebook or from Instagram. So it’s however people find me, but mostly it’s friends of friends of friends, because once one person likes you are not a well kept secret.

Jeffrey (7m 40s):
Maybe give us a little picture of your role, the plan.

Jennifer (7m 43s):
Absolutely. So to me, this information is essential. So while I’m helping businesses and while I’m helping individuals, I’m also beginning to get into schools as young as middle-school. So I’m working with the middle schools, some high schools and some universities. And that would be the plan, right. Is to almost, as you mentioned before, like the Dale Carnegie school, I have a schedule where people can get a good and clear and trustworthy financial information to get an education in it before making any financial decisions with financial businesses.

Jeffrey (8m 17s):
So I, I assume I don’t want to assume anything. Do you do both classroom training and also a let’s say a individual.

Jennifer (8m 29s):
Absolutely. Yeah. I like to focus on classroom training and business training. ’cause in that way, I can use my time to reach as many lives and families as possible, but when individuals ask me, I’ve got a bigger heart than I haven’t had it. So I do absolutely work with individuals as well.

Jeffrey (8m 48s):
Wow. That’s a very interesting, we’ve been speaking with Jennifer Sahady of a CEO of master money, a, you know, clearly a very interesting topic that you’re bringing up, Jennifer, if someone wanted to utilize your services. And I think it is a great service to use and companies a to help employees and staff, how would they find you?

Jennifer (9m 9s):
Oh, absolutely. It’s very easy. Is as long as you can spell my name. So my email is and my website is Jennifer Sahady dot com. I figured if it was good enough for Susie Orman, it was good enough for me. So that’s my approach. If you’re a company, my website is broken down by the different groups. So if you’re a company you can click on companies and you can see the different presentation, topics and content that I’ve covered before, as well as some of the companies that I’ve worked with. If you need some credentials beyond my young face ’cause, as you noted, I am a bit more experienced than some people might initially realized. And there was a contact does page write off the website or you can email me directly.

Jennifer (9m 52s):
And I try to get back to everyone in 24 hours.

Jeffrey (9m 55s):
Well, that’s great. And a, you know, if you can find Jennifer a, we hope that she is going to be coming back to Radio Entrepreneurs again, and we’ll be connecting with our network, which you can find her on all of the, the, the Radio Entrepreneurs, connections on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts, Stitcher, and web. And also we have our website Radio Entrepreneurs. So Jennifer, you’re going to be everywhere. We look forward to speaking to you again on radio, on that so

Jennifer (10m 24s):
Much, Jeff. It was a pleasure to be here. Thank you for having me. I’ll happily. Come back anytime. You’re a delight to speak with.

Jeffrey (10m 31s):
Great. A again, everybody, this is Radio Entrepreneurs.

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