Title: “Hot New Tracks From Messy Tye”
Guests: Tye Cooper AKA “Messy Tye” & Daniel Murphy – Silent Reminder Entertainment
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis – MAGE LLC

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Jeffrey (1s):
Well, hello everybody. And welcome back to Radio Entrepreneurs. And again, seven years over a million people has been connected to the show, different times, different places, but guess which interview in 2021 had the most views of any interview? Well, we’re repeating it, having them back again. It’s a pretty easy one that would be Dan Murphy and Tye Cooper and founder of Silent Reminder Entertainment. That’s Dan and, and Tye Cooper. AKA Messy Tye. Welcome back guys. So Tye isn’t it amazing. You went viral for us.

Jeffrey (41s):
It was probably you. It wasn’t Dan, right?

Tye (45s):
It was Dan because there were so many people that kept saying, yo, I seen this guy, where’d you on this? On my TV screen, my kids was watching Coco Mellon and yo Gabba Gabba. And then you pop up on my TV screen and all kinds of people telling me when I’m at the club next to even people who probably wouldn’t have said anything had they didn’t say it out loud. So I, yeah,

Jeffrey (1m 11s):
I’ll leave it. Open-ended guys, you know, what have you been doing since our last interview? Cause I, you know, I, I get you all the time on Facebook. Dan’s been great. Keeping you alive. What’s been going on.

Tye (1m 23s):
Well, actually you guys checked in before we even dropped as safe yet, right? Yeah. So that was the one that was so when we tapped in for the first time, that morning, that was like right before we dropped our quarantine offering, which was, is it safe yet? Was it, did we have, like, we had a back and forth with back and forth was already out. We had to me and you, we had the lights camera action. Visual, I believe. Yeah. But we was like literally getting into the height of COVID like the beginning of it, like when everybody was like so confused, if they were even gonna like be in a normal environment again. And we literally took the whole COVID term by storm by like performing everyday.

Tye (2m 9s):
Well, pretty much we performed every Thursday in Wakefield, shout out to the pharmacist, Tetra hydro club. We performed, we had the opportunity and lessons from the pharmacist to go perform. We even did a show at Noriega, you know, well-known podcaster or I’ll say icon in the hip hop department, but actually podcasting for sure. Yeah. We definitely just been super active releasing the Tye Cooper show by Halloween. We went to Las Vegas out a video that ended up on BT jams in the process.

Tye (2m 49s):
So yeah,

Jeffrey (2m 51s):
A lot going on.

Tye (2m 52s):
Yes we had, we had, we had, we’ve had very like unique success in the last year, despite the COVID

Jeffrey (3m 2s):
Do you think, you know, I know for some of us, do you think in some ways COVID helped

Tye (3m 5s):
You? Absolutely.

Dan (3m 8s):
I think what it did is it allowed the true MCs, the people who really wanted to sharpen their sword, you know, iron sharpens iron. And so what you saw as you saw some people collaborating, coming together and raising each other up and you know, when you have rising tides, all ships will rise. And so what we’ve been trying to do is keep those who are most interested and invested in the culture. Like we are to make sure that we collaborate the right people, keep the right energy and keep moving forward, because this is not just about Providence. This is bigger than that. This is, this is something where Providence, hasn’t gotten a lot of recognition or Rhode Island or new England for that matter. And when they leave, they don’t tend to come back and raise the rest of the other MCs and musicians and artists.

Dan (3m 50s):
So this is really a great opportunity for us to be that type of direct link and pull people up. Cause again, it’s gonna, it’s going to take a lot of work, just like raising a family, you know, I mean, it takes a village, so you do need to have a team and you need to have people you trust. And once you have that, you, you know, again, the sky is the limit. We’re working on some pretty big name opportunities for features to be able to get in front of people. Like when we were in Atlanta for the NBA all-star game, you know, that was, that was pretty monumental. Even though

Tye (4m 18s):
Back in March, we went to Atlanta for all-star weekend. You performed with, but we did a pretty much, we did a show that was with, with Biggie’s cousin, little C’s who used to be, you know, in his crew junior mafia, mafia, we did a show with little C’s in JD KIS for the biggie weekend. It was like a big attribute we had had the honors of being a part of that show. It was like a big we convention at the same time. Like a lot of people who are in the marijuana and cannabis industry, they had their stations where they were showcasing and displaying their top shelf in high-grade marijuana. And we also had the opportunity to perform in front of everybody present, including Jayda kiss and Lucy’s.

Dan (5m 2s):
Yeah. Yeah. And for me to be able to go and not just be in Atlanta, but then also see the impact that the hip-hop culture has on every part of that society and that culture, everything from food to art, to music and you see it everywhere. And that’s really what I think we’re lacking here is that infusion into everything. We get it, but we don’t really support the local artists. It’s okay to do it on a Friday night, but then a big name comes into town and people forget about the local entertainers. And so what re reality is that that big headliner that comes into town, he was also at one point in time, a small local entertainer. So we need to remind ourselves how do we get to the top? And it’s not going to be by stepping on the heads and backs of others. It’s going to be cooperating, collaborating and getting on the shoulders of giants to really achieve our dreams.

Jeffrey (5m 47s):
You know, Dan, it’s great. You’re telling a great entrepreneurial story. And I know you, you know, you’re an entrepreneur yourself, but it sounds like, you know, there’s just locally enough grassroots in this industry here, the way there are in other communities and that you’re really working from scratch. It’s really a startup community, correct?

Dan (6m 7s):
Yeah, basically. Yeah. Because, because not just the health and safety and protocols, but at the same time, you also have to worry about people’s mental health. You want to make sure that people who are going out feel safe and that’s something that I’m always concerned about because I want to not only go out and have a fun evening and have Thai perform, I also want people to be able to go home, get some rest and wake up the next morning enough of this gun violence enough of this, this, this opioid epidemic. We’ve got a lot of things that people are doing with that are outside of the music yet it does infiltrate the music. It has impacted everyone inside and outside of the industry. So we’re not in this thing alone. It’s just a matter of trying to work together with everyone to make sure that we all succeed, succeed, and thrive.

Jeffrey (6m 47s):
Great entrepreneurial story. And now let’s go to the product tie. You have new music coming out. Tell us about,

Tye (6m 54s):
So since the last release, which was the Tye Cooper show, we’ve been working relentlessly on just new material. And, you know, I got to a space where I wrote I’ve written so much material that now I could just peacefully work on the visuals. So I have like a mixtape. So by the time everybody sees this, there’s going to be a project, a free offering to the world that’s called there’s something in the water. Yeah. And we also have another album that’s followed up after that called this part of my life is called, which is a kind of like driven and inspired by the film, the pursuit of happiness by will Smith in, I guess kind of like, like the, you know, different scenes in the movie where he explained what part of life, what part of life he was out or what chapter of his life was titled.

Tye (7m 55s):
So that part of you know, that part of the movie is definitely the driven direction behind the title of the project and the direction of all the records that, you know, you know, labeled a certain way. And a lot of the recent music that I’ve been producing has definitely had a lot to do with some traumatic experience that I experienced earlier in the year. Well, pretty much a few months ago, my significant other passed away back at night and my uncle passed away two days after her on mother’s day.

Tye (8m 35s):
And the irony of, you know, my uncle passed away mobile, Alabama, and they flew his body down here to have his funeral and my hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. And what were the odds of my girlfriend being buried right beside my uncle.

Dan (8m 59s):
Wow. I mean, really that was, that was kinda, it was chilling for me to be in such a similar place so soon thereafter. And I, I pay honor to, you know, I, I, I visit Jasmine’s stone looking for inspiration, motivation, and just that reminder that my company is Silent Reminder. And sometimes, you know, you do need to reflect on the past to make sure that you learn from that and you don’t try to repeat the mistakes of others, but more importantly, that you just develop an appreciation. And what we do is that we value everything that we’re doing. So when we go forward, we know that we’re doing it with full hearts. You know what I’m saying? We’re doing it. And we’re doing it, not just for us, for doing it for others, others who are not here with us right now,

Tye (9m 42s):
If she was a big part of the, the, the journey that me and Jan me and Dan started, especially when we was recording. Is it safe yet? You know, there’s a record on there called swordfish that I wrote pretty much about her because she resembled Halle Berry and she loved to wear wigs a lot. And yeah, she went when Halle Berry was in sword fish, she kind of reminded me of her back in that. So I used to call her that when we started going out and then that’s where the song swordfish came from on isn’t safe yet. And she’s been like at the rehearsals, she’s been to the shows that we were doing during the COVID part of the journey, but she, you know, definitely has a lot to do with the, then this new sudden inspiration that I’ve received over the past few months.

Tye (10m 36s):
So I’m pretty much ready to hit the ground running visually. And I can’t wait to show that to the world. How much of inspiration she is

Jeffrey (10m 43s):
Again? Sorry about all this tragedy. And like, I can’t wait to hear the new stuff. And I know that Dan is not just a business person. He’s one of the more sensitive entrepreneurs I’ve ever known. So I know it’s genuine what he’s saying, Dan, first, I’ll start with you. If someone’s looking for you and your business Silent Reminder, how would they find you

Dan (11m 5s):
Silent Reminder Entertainment dot com. You also look at his Facebook IgG Silent Reminder Entertainment, where you’ll be seeing a heck, a lot of Thai, everything from performing rehearsing inside the studio, and even just kind of behind the scenes, letting people know who Tye really is outside of just the lyrics. Now, the lyrics are a real clear painting of, again, this kind of Picasso right here. So he paints that picture to allow people to really visually see his lyrics. But the first thing you have to do is you gotta open your ears. You gotta hit play. And once you hear that, now you understand where we’re

Jeffrey (11m 37s):
And Thai as they’re a place where people can connect with you easily conduct.

Tye (11m 42s):
Yes, you can. I’ll start with like the app Snapchat. You can follow me on Snapchat as messy. The number three in, and obviously Instagram, Facebook, Tye Cooper, sho Tye Cooper dot com Tye at Tye Cooper dot com and be on the lookout for the next digital streaming records that we’re going to start putting out there. There’s something in the water and it’s part of my life is called. So we’ve got

Dan (12m 13s):
The advertiser, we’ve got the entree.

Tye (12m 15s):
And then we got a full, full course dessert after the, after the entree. So

Dan (12m 20s):
Documentary that’s something we got working on and Jeffrey, I’m not going to lie. I saw that Montreal Canadians watch. Now I understand your hostility towards the Vince Carter, Raptors Jersey. And I get it now.

Jeffrey (12m 32s):
Oh, you see, my watch really is the other part of my watch where it’s my dog.

Tye (12m 38s):
Oh, fire.

Jeffrey (12m 41s):
And I have socks with my dog on it too. I wore it. I wore it to a legal meeting yesterday. No one noticed it though. I want to thank you guys. Number one. What else? Jeffrey number one, viewed interview last year, Tye Cooper. Dan Murphy. So we’re going to have you guys back again this year. We’re looking forward to it. Remind everybody, this is Radio Entrepreneurs.

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