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Title: “Focusing On The Great Retention”
Guest: Marc Zwetchkenbaum – Marc Z Legal Staffing
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis – MAGE LLC

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Jeffrey (0s):
Hello, everybody. Welcome back to radio entrepreneurs. We continue to stream stories of entrepreneurship and how leaders are dealing with this very chaotic economy. And, you know, every week we like to speak with Marc Z for Marc Z legal staffing. We like to call it our Marc Z moment and it clearly personnel personnel issues during this time are very important. Marc. What’s on the agenda today?

Marc (24s):
Hey Jeff, great to see a great to be here. I thought I would talk about something that I’m going from the great resignation to the great retention. It’s it’s a really big issue right now with employers and employees. Employees are going to only stay two years or less right now based on how the onboarding and the processes going. And during the whole pandemic process, employers have onboarded thousands and thousands of employees and employers, even employers, no, they’re not doing a great job.

Marc (1m 12s):
37% acknowledged. The, the onboarding was not perfect compared to only 17% of employees, please with the onboarding. So even the employers acknowledge when, when you cut to the chase that it’s not being done properly. And it’s so important that you retain employees because employees that were hired in the last two years right now are leaving sooner than employees that were at the company for a long time.

Marc (1m 51s):
And so I just wanted to make some suggestions. They, they talked to a lot of the employees, things that are important to them in terms of what’s like, for example, in terms of onboarding, as we talked about whether it’s benefits, whether it’s getting involved in mentoring, whether or not it’s, you know, the values, understanding the technology, all that should go into the traditional onboarding, but for employees, they want to connect in maybe three or four levels.

Marc (2m 32s):
One is career development. They want to know as they’re being onboarded, where can I go with my career? Where can I get performance enhancement, secondly, wellbeing. They want to, they’re concerned about their wellbeing. What making sure that they’re not overloaded, making sure there is some balance, making sure they have assignments and clear messages so they can perform very well. And then lastly, you know, they want to feel connected and being part of the firm culture and that all goes into successful onboarding.

Jeffrey (3m 21s):
Yes. I think these are very important topics, but I guess you got me right at the beginning when you said you’re looking at a two years revolving door and I guess for employers, that’s quite concerning, it’s hard to build culture if you have a two year revolving door.

Marc (3m 37s):
Correct. And so the goal is with better training, with better onboarding with, with a better system in bringing on the new hires, that’s going to lead to hopefully a long-term retention, as opposed to short-term.

Jeffrey (3m 56s):
You know, I know this sounds self-serving, but as a leadership coach, one of the things that people have said to me over the last two years is one of the things that keeps me in this organization has been the investment in you to coach me in my career because I couldn’t do this on my own because the other types of coaches they would be hiring privately, wouldn’t be necessarily with the experience that I have or my staff has. So I think employers have to remember how important it is to put an investment in employees, just hiring them isn’t enough, but really working, especially with millennials on their professional development, career development and full life and professional satisfaction is only going to create better retention.

Jeffrey (4m 42s):
And I think a lot of employers forget this, and I only saying this because I’ve heard it so strongly from employees over the last two years.

Marc (4m 51s):
Right? Right. No, it’s so important. And we’re now at another stage where a lot of companies and firms and their management, or strategizing to have more of a hybrid business arrangement, ointment arrangement, and this is the future. So you’re going to be doing more training online. There’s going to be, that’s going to be a bigger component than it ever was. But at the same time, employees have to work with management. You do have to have in-person my own organization. We have two people in the office that are working remotely, but they’re going to get together because they just are not connecting well in terms of the onboarding.

Marc (5m 35s):
So they’re gonna, they’re gonna meet, go over a different processes that will take them a much more reasonable time to understand and explain then if it’s done remotely, because there were a lot of other parts that can affect the training. So it’s going to be a balance, but it’s so worth it in terms of the whole, none of the whole onboarding process, the development process and the learning process.

Jeffrey (6m 5s):
All very good data. I know for me personally, I’m looking forward every week to my magazine moment. And when I miss them, I feel that there’s a great loss in my professional development. I know that tens of thousands of people wouldn’t be agreeing with me after all these years. But so, but if people want it to go into some of our history at radio entrepreneurs or connect with you, how would they find you mark?

Marc (6m 24s):
Well, first of all, Google mark see MIRC and the letter Z and we come right up or go to Mark’s, M a R C Z or 6 1 7 3 3 8 1 300.

Jeffrey (6m 39s):
That’s another fabulous mark. Z moment. My name is Jeffrey Davis. Will we returning with mark Z next week on radio entrepren?

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