Joe Nagle is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Delta Dental of Rhode Island and its subsidiary corporations: The Altus Group, Altus Realty and First Circle. Over the course of his career at Delta Dental, Joe has instilled an entrepreneurial spirit in the company, starting seven new business ventures to expand and diversify the company. Prior to joining Delta Dental in 1992, Mr. Nagle was a founding partner of the Capstone Group, Ltd., a Providence-based healthcare consulting firm. Mr. Nagle is the former Vice President for Strategic Planning and Product Development for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, as well as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for United Health Plans of New England. Mr. Nagle began his career with the international accounting and consulting firm of Ernst & Young. Mr. Nagle is a certified public accountant and a 1978 summa cum laude graduate from Providence College. Mr. Nagle serves on the President’s Council of Providence College, the Boards of Trustees of the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce and the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council (RIPEC) and the Boards of Directors of the Rhode Island Commodores, Diagnostic Information Systems, Delta Dental Plans Association and DeltaUSA. Mr. Nagle and his wife reside in Scituate, Rhode Island. [yotuwp type=”videos” id=”7RuZ1a5n9fA” ]