Happy Fourth of July from us at Radio Entrepreneurs!

On this day, we like to look back at some of the best interviews of the past year. So “hop in the way-back machine” with us and check out some of the top segments from RADIO ENTREPRENEURS!

– Frank Rudewicz of Marcum, LLP (now with Blum Shapiro) came on our legal segment to tell us about the unforgettable story of how he helped catch one of the biggest fraudsters in recent history, Clark Rockefeller.

– Patty Barbalunga of P. Barbalunga Law joined us on our legal segment with Mark Furman to talk about her experience with mediation and arbitration. Her no-bs attitude has helped her lead a storied career and helped make the interview into one of our favorites!

– Dr. Sanjiv Chopra is a truly inspirational doctor, teacher, and speaker. Having him on our show was one of the highlights of this past year and the speech he gave at our Entrepreneurial Cafe moved many to tears. Listen to the first interview here where he talks about leadership.

– Paul Liberman, Co-Founder of DraftKings was on the show to talk about the truly entrepreneurial start that his now-dominant online gaming company grew from.

– Mike Volpe, serial entrepreneur, talked with us about Lola, which recently received an award for being one of the top places to work in the Boston area!

– One of WGBH’s NPR correspondents, Andrea Cabral, also now CEO of AscendMass, was on the show for a great talk about the legalization and effect of cannabis in Massachusetts.

Thank you to all our fans who have followed us over the years and to our generous sponsors and reporters who help make our show possible.

Happy Fourth!
– Radio Entrepreneurs Team