Certified Wine Educator and a Member of the Society of Wine Educators, the Society of the French Wine Society, and author of the books “50 Ways to Love Wine More” and “A Beer Drinker’s Guide To Knowing And Enjoying Fine Wine.”, Jim Laughren loves wine. And has for a very long time. He is a former importer and distributor of fine wines from around the world. He is also a Certified Wine Educator who has both taken and taught dozens of classes and seminars dealing with various aspects of wine and spirits. Proven leadership in selection, import, distribution, and marketing of fine wine. Jim is also president & founder of WineHead Consulting. WineHead Consulting is dedicated to educating, informing and entertaining our clients about the many facets of fine wine. Be they 1.) a group of friends or co-workers interested in wine tasting and learning, 2.) restaurateurs in need of staff training or a reinvigorated wine list, or 3.) distributors seeking additional education for their reps, we work to tailor and present a program to fulfill their needs.


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