Stories of Entrepreneurship, November 15, 2019

“Real-Time Hyper Accurate Weather Forecasting” with Shimon Elkabetz of Climacell


Have you ever checked the weather only to be caught in an unexpected rainstorm without an umbrella? ClimaCell is revolutionizing weather forecasting. We are bringing a new approach to weather forecasting, and providing the forecast accuracy and reliability necessary for the 21st century. We combine Weather-of-Things data – from cell tower transmissions to connected cars – with traditional data sources and analyze it using proprietary, cutting edge models. The result: forecasts that are hyper accurate, specific, and customizable. We call it MicroWeather and we offer it globally. Our customers – industries, new economy players, developing countries and people who simply don’t want to get caught in the rain – use our forecasts to make better decisions that impact everything from operations to profitability to safety and quality of life.

Title: “Real-Time Hyper Accurate Weather Forecasting”
Guest: Shimon Elkabetz – Climacell
Interviewer: Jonathan Penta of Penta Wealth Management and Jonathan Freedman of Mage LLC



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