Have you ever checked the weather only to be caught in an unexpected rainstorm without an umbrella? ClimaCell is revolutionizing weather forecasting. We are bringing a new approach to weather forecasting, and providing the forecast accuracy and reliability necessary for the 21st century. We combine Weather-of-Things data – from cell tower transmissions to connected cars – with traditional data sources and analyze it using proprietary, cutting edge models. The result: forecasts that are hyper accurate, specific, and customizable. We call it MicroWeather and we offer it globally. Our customers – industries, new economy players, developing countries and people who simply don’t want to get caught in the rain – use our forecasts to make better decisions that impact everything from operations to profitability to safety and quality of life. www.climacell.co


Title: “Real-Time Hyper Accurate Weather Forecasting”
Guest: Shimon Elkabetz – Climacell
Interviewer: Jonathan Penta of Penta Wealth Management and Jonathan Freedman of Mage LLC



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