blumshapiro is the largest regional business advisory firm based in New England providing accounting, tax and business advisory services. We serve as your business advisors, helping you solve challenges and maximize opportunities. Drawing upon our breadth and depth of experience in our primary service areas — non-profit organizations and educational institutions, privately held businesses and government entities — we strategically tailor and consistently deliver tested solutions for unlocking the full potential of your organization. Joe Feehan is a tax partner from blum. Joe Feehan can speak to “all things Massachusetts” tax, including the new emergency regulation on sales tax, the short term renters tax and the paid family and medical leave law.

Title: “Understanding The MA Paid Family and Medical Leave Act”
Guest: Joe Feehan – Blum Shapiro
Interviewers: Jonathan Penta of Penta Wealth Management and Jonathan Freedman of Mage LLC



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