Our goal is to help you keep track of – and glean insight from – the data in life that matters to you, free from anxiety about the safety and privacy of that data. There’s a lot about ourselves, our world, and our universe that humans haven’t quite nailed down yet. We believe the tools of science – evidence, data, statistics – should be accessible to as many people as possible so we can figure out as much we can as fast as we can. TallyLab is a data tracking app with a twist – it’s your data, and you alone reap the insights. Your data is encrypted on your device and in our cloud. Only you have the power to decrypt it. Share symptoms with your doctor in read-only mode, or keep track of who has and hasn’t been feeding the cat by letting everyone update the same tally. Your data, everywhere you are, always encrypted.


Title: “A Secure Collaboration Platform For Trackable Data”
Guest: Jordyn Bonds – TallyLab
Interviewers: John Dustin – JED Insurance & Nathan Gobes – Mage LLC



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