On Jason’s book, “Venture Forward: Lessons From Leaders”: Let’s face it: every entrepreneur isn’t the next Mark Zuckerberg and every new business isn’t Uber. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be. Venture Forward is a collection of real-world stories from innovative founders of successful businesses gathered to show new entrepreneurs that they’re not alone in their endeavors and they’re not destined to fail (at least not forever). More so, the book uses examples from under-represented sectors of the business world including female entrepreneurs and those not engulfed in the Silicon Valley scene to show that anyone from any walk of life can be a successful business founder. This isn’t the next “how to succeed in business” book. Instead, author Jason Kraus looks to instill hope and passion in gun-shy entrepreneurs, with a goal to help them further the business world with their innovative ideas. If you’ve hit a roadblock on the journey and are looking for some guidance, Venture Forward speaks directly to you.


Title: “Helping Entrepreneurs Through The Fundraising Process”
Guests: Jason Kraus – Prepare 4 VC
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis, MAGE LLC



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