The Hire Authority, Inc., is a licensed, private investigative firm. We specialize in employee drug screenings and employment screenings in South Easton MA and the surrounding areas. Our sophisticated and highly trained officers have over thirty-five years of experience in the screening, credit reporting and investigative industry. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and are incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Our staff is specially trained to provide accurate, detailed reports in a timely manner. We provide a full range of background screening services, including: credit report evaluations, social security number verifications, educational verifications, employment screenings and verifications, worker’s compensation checks, criminal background checks, DMV driving record checks, sex offender search, research, and special private investigator/security consultant work. The consequences of hiring the wrong employee far outweigh the cost of checking his or her background. With an effective background screening service, you can improve your hiring decisions and lessen your risk.

Title: “Sharkey Report: Why Should Employers Screen? 10 Fast Facts”
Guests: Phil Sharkey – The Hire Authority
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis, MAGE LLC



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