Gentreo, a Quincy-based tech startup, that is disrupting the estate planning industry by allowing users to avoid expensive and time-consuming estate attorneys and instead set up their wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical directives, etc. online. It’s quick, easy and affordable compared to the traditional route. Gentreo lets families do their own eldercare and estate planning. From legal documents to the Gentreo Digital Vault, let us help you make sure you are prepared! Visit to learn more. Gentreo has a unique origin: the company was founded by two sisters, Julie and Renee Fry, who created it after one became very sick and needed the other to make some serious medical decisions on her behalf. It is another way this turns the stereotypical tech startup story on its head (Quincy instead of Seaport/Cambridge, two sisters in their 50s as founders instead of college dropout white male). Another interesting angle is the newest service Gentreo has rolled out: Gentreo Pets, where you can designate medical power of attorney to trusted intermediaries for your pets, so they can get the care they need if the owner is travelling or otherwise unavailable. They are the first in the country to offer this service.

Title: “Discussing Pet Power of Attorney”
Guests: Jake Murphy – Gentreo
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis, MAGE LLC



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