XSurgical is a company focused in developing cutting edge surgical robotics applications employing AI that could be deployed in critical environments, such as war zones, camp hospitals, truck trailers operating rooms, airplanes, spaceships, etc. I received my Master’s degree in Electronics Engineering and PhD in Robotics and Control Systems from University of Bologna (Lab of Automation and Robotics) . After spending one year as a visiting researcher at the Bio-Robotics Laboratory of Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, I completed my postdoctoral fellowship in Medical Simulation at the Department of Imaging of the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. In 2011 I became a Visiting Professor at the University Campus Bio-medico of Rome, faculty at the Harvard Medical School in 2013 and at the Harvard Extension School in 2017.


Title: “Surgical Robotics Deployable Directly to Those Who Need Them”
Guest: Gianluca De Novi – XSurgical
Interviewer: Nathan Gobes, MAGE LLC



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