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Title: “Dealing With Holiday Stress”
Guest: Marc Zwetchkenbaum – Marc Z Legal Staffing
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis – MAGE LLC

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Jeffrey (1s):
Welcome back to Radio Entrepreneurs. Again, my name is Jeffrey Davis and we continue to stream stories of leadership and entrepreneurship, how people are dealing with the economy all real time. Over six interviews, actually 7,000 interviews over a million people have watched our stories over the seven-year period. And we keep going because of people like this is Marc Zwetchkenbaum, Marc Z Legal Staffing. It’s an Marc Z moment every time he’s here every week. Welcome back, Marc.

Marc (32s):
Thank you, Jeff. Great to be here. Great to be in conversations with you about relevant subjects and topics that that affect our listener.

Jeffrey (42s):
You know, mark is there’s a lot going on with the recruiting personnel. It’s probably the most consistent conversation I have with clients hiring the right people, getting rid of the wrong people, compensation, the, all the topics that you seem to be immersed in 24 7. So what’s up this week,

Marc (1m 2s):
Jeff speaking about those subjects. I think that with the holidays coming up, we always have to sort of take a step back and think about ourselves and think about, you know, not only obviously as companies are hiring candidates, companies are trying to retain employees and companies and law firms are trying to keep a very positive culture. We’ve got to sort of look inward as well as outward. And so I wanted to talk today about dealing with stress in, in dealing with positive development during these times.

Marc (1m 44s):
And it’s been a challenging year for a lot of people in the professional field. The good news is business has been really, really good, but at the same time it has affected people’s health. So I thought that it’s important to talk about that.

Jeffrey (2m 3s):
I agree with you. And you know, I just did two seminars last week for companies and I was talking about the speed of business, the tension and the stress is at levels that people just have never experienced before. So I’m glad that you’re bringing it up mark.

Marc (2m 19s):
Right? Thank you, Jeff. So I thought a few breaking it down. There were a few suggestions that especially for people who are trying to plan through the holidays and next year now we’re in November. One thing is not let your guard down. A lot of people think, okay, I have business. My business is good. I’m being productive. I’m hitting my numbers at a law firm, generating business to bring into a law firm or in-house company executives really bonding my team and we’re being productive and our growth internal and external growth is good.

Marc (2m 60s):
So we’ll good. And you know, those are the times to say, you know what? I’ve got a plan for the future. Maybe I need good coaching. Maybe I need someone to tell me how to be even more successful. Somebody helped me work through politics, work through different types of humor interactions that may be are not going as positively to get me to the next step or to help me make my goals. In fact, obviously that’s what you do. I mean, you do a lot of consulting. I know to law firms and all different types of organizations and companies, and it’s so important to not let your guard down and really look at ways to better yourself, even though things might be going well.

Jeffrey (3m 52s):
Well, I think the economy for us here is hot, but the pace of work has, is, is at a pace that people have never experienced before. And because people are not clear about their future, you have an un-clarity with future and you have pace of change and it’s creating a, a sense of stress for people because they’re not, they don’t feel comfortable. They’re dealing with the unknown more than ever before. And I agree with you and learning how to deal with that. And adapting is critical right now,

Marc (4m 26s):
Right? And so, you know, some of the suggestions that I have is obviously get coaching, get support, get help. And I know a lot of organizations continually reach out to you. And I know that again, I’ve referred people to you that need that personal development, as well as organizations and their team. Other things that I suggest to our listeners are mindfulness. It’s so important to deal with stress and to really take courses or programs, law firms, companies, organizations, they will have point people now to get people into mindfulness programs.

Marc (5m 12s):
I know the different associations, the bar associations that I’m involved with all touch base with us about that. The other thing is I’m trying to do it. It’s always a challenge is finding some form of exercise that works, whether it’s walking, whether it’s, it’s getting up earlier for the, for the gym or for your exercise fit fitness equipment, or just even different exercises. But it’s so important to get that break before, during or after your day to clear your head because things are moving at rapid speed.

Jeffrey (5m 49s):
Well, I liked it. I’ll just reinforce that at the exercise point. And I’ll just say, I think healthy routines are important. People should go to bed at the right time, wake up at the right time. You should not drink a lot. You should not smoke. You should eat healthy foods. You should eat them in the proper proportions and you should exercise every day. And if you take good care of your body, which is a cherished machine, that machine would be built for the long haul. If you to cut corners and taking care of that very unique machine, it’s going to hurt you, especially during times of stress. So it’s balanced and you know, some people do all those things, but then they don’t know how to relax.

Jeffrey (6m 34s):
They don’t know how to let their mind rev down, so to speak and learning how to rev down as important. You know, you know how to read down. I also know you really know how to rev up. So you’re much better revving up than revving down.

Marc (6m 50s):
Correct. If you’ve

Jeffrey (6m 51s):
Ever had a marquee phone call at nine forty five at night, you know that

Marc (6m 57s):
No, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s difficult, Jeff. I mean, it’s really difficult. And I know I’m trying to like cut my emails off at a certain point because you know, I’m getting emails 24 7. Now when it’s like, when you started, when you answer it, then at least two more and the day starts early and then just figuring out all those dynamics. So, absolutely.

Jeffrey (7m 19s):
I think, you know, I think there, you know, that’s an issue for everyone, but especially, I’d see that style of work with baby boomers who are children of parents who came out of the depression or the second world war or the Korean war let’s say, or, or, you know, closer to immigrations United States from other countries. There’s a certain attitude about work that was beaten into us as children, about being responsible. And, you know, I, I think we could learn a lot from millennials and, you know, I know there’s always that debate about millennials and how they see work, but millennials seem to have grown up in a world where they think that balanced is a little bit more important. They’re still struggling with it.

Jeffrey (7m 60s):
Baby boomers have more trouble because they have more habits that say it’s consistent with, with that. So we’re all trying to adjust to what’s going on in the world,

Marc (8m 10s):
Right? No, absolutely. Jeff, and, but these are times, especially the way the economy continues to roll that the tight, the tight market and people have to make decisions in terms of their careers and running their companies and being in their management positions. It’s, it’s a time where you’re going to get less sleep and at the same time, you’re, you’re expected to be game on. So these are my suggestions that I’m trying to follow through on too. And by hopefully it’s, it’s good for our listeners to start thinking about it.

Jeffrey (8m 47s):
And I also get my supplemental Marc Z moment on Saturday morning, sometimes on my way to getting my patterns built. Mark, if somebody else is looking for their own personal Marc Z moment or support with personnel work, I would they find you

Marc (9m 3s):
First of all, Google Marc Z, Jeff, M a R C and the letter Z or Marc Z Legal dot com, M a R C Z. or 6 1 7 3 3 8 1 300.

Jeffrey (9m 16s):
Well, thank you again. Every week we get our own Marc Z moment on Radio Entrepreneurs. We will see him again next week with that piece of information, while you’re going to take a break and we’ll be right back.

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