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Title: “Working With Your Employer On Vaccine Mandates”
Guest: Marc Zwetchkenbaum – Marc Z Legal Staffing
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis – MAGE LLC

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Jeffrey (0s):
Well, hello, everybody out there in entrepreneurship land. This is Radio Entrepreneurs. My name is Jeffrey Davis, and we constantly are streaming stories of entrepreneurship and how leaders are dealing with this economy every week. We like to check in and have our special Marc Z moment. That’s Marc Zwetchkenbaum, president of Marc Z. Legal Staffing. Welcome back, Marc.

Marc (20s):
Thanks, Jeff. Great to be here and great to talk about relevant subjects for our listeners.

Jeffrey (26s):
Okay, so what’s up this week, Marc.

Marc (28s):
Well, I thought I talked to, to you in our audience about employer employee collaboration, as we finish or continue to navigate one stage into the next stage due to COVID protocols and workplace management of employees. And what I wanted to say is, which I think is, is on one hand, I will take it as a positive thing that employees and employers have the most trusting relationship. It was shown through polling recently versus what the government says, what the CDC says, what health organizations say.

Marc (1m 10s):
So on one hand, it’s a positive because our economy is so crucial for that relationship. On the other hand, it’s sad that people are not going a loop or not listening to what our politicians and our, what our healthcare professionals are saying. So I L I, as, you know, a glass half full person. And so what I’m saying is, and what’s trending is seed that positive synergy for an employer, employee collaboration, to work together, to make, not push in terms of one direction or another, but come to solutions that work for the employee and the employer to move forward.

Marc (1m 51s):
So for example, we had in our, you know, we always use it as a lab for our group. We had such a few situations where people were supposed to start positions and with employers that have either a full in in-office protocol or hybrid, and they got COVID just before they tested, or they tested for COVID and were found positive just before they were supposed to start. And previously it was a really difficult situation because of the concerns with the information. But in these cases, the employer commonly said, look, here are our protocols.

Marc (2m 36s):
Why don’t you, if you really want to start this week, we can start you remotely. We’ll get you that access. So you can start something or, you know what, let’s start a week later, no big deal. If it does affect your healthcare insurance health insurance we’ll work that out too. On the other hand, we’ve had candidates that have interviewed with positions and as employers are looking at candidates, some candidates still aren’t vaccinated and employers have that full vaccination rule. And so, and even if somebody is going to work fully remotely, because it’s the idea. At some point they could be called in to the site.

Marc (3m 17s):
So the employee said, look, I have no problem being vaccinated. I just have not been vaccinated right now because my children aren’t vaccinated. We stayed isolated. And how about this? I will start the process and, and it’s for a fully remote position anyway, right now. And I’ll keep you posted, I’ll get my first vaccine at X day and I’ll start the process and I will keep you posted. So, and the employer was collaborative and said, absolutely. As long as we can show everybody in the firm, that that’s where you want to be, that you can give documentation, we will work with you. And so I’m just putting it out there that on one hand, the employee has to understand that what employers are looking at are the long-term safety of all its employees.

Marc (4m 7s):
On the other hand, that employer wants to be respectful to that employee because they’re looking at longterm and coming up with a collaboration and compromises that can work and not be bumping heads.

Jeffrey (4m 21s):
Well, I think what you’re saying is that there’s a, you know, due to COVID and the economy and, you know, shortages and employment and labor shortages, that when an employee has a good employer, they know it. And when an employer has a good employee, they know it. And so they have learned to appreciate each other better and work better together as a result of that. And I think that that’s really has been a trend that, and I know it’s stuff that I emphasize with people when they’re in organizations, when they have a good, you know, don’t, don’t just be looking at money, look at the whole package of what this organization brings to you as an environment. And I think that’s what you’re saying, that this economy has created a sense of bonding and loyalty and flexibility between these two parties,

Marc (5m 9s):
Right? And, and a lot of employers are now looking out of state for talent and saying, we will have remote employees with the idea is once a month, once every two months, maybe even once a week, depending on location, you join it. So that helps their talent pool. And at the same time, the employees have to be open to saying, okay, I will follow a protocol as long as you work with me. So it just more compromise. And it’s on one hand, you do have to have a hard, fast policy because that’s what employers, employees are looking for employers to give them.

Marc (5m 53s):
So they’ll know that now everything keeps shifting because of the variance and start dates, delaying time. And the, in the office for employers that have been remote that want their employees back. But a lot of the employers are now saying, look, we’re going to go. We’re not going to give you a hard date, but we will give you a month’s notice before we, we, before we bring everybody back. So everybody can plan.

Jeffrey (6m 19s):
Well, I think that’s an important message mark. And remember, we’re talking to the fabulous Marc Z, Marc Zwetchkenbaum president of Marc Z Legal Staffing. Mark. If someone’s looking for you, how do they find you?

Marc (6m 30s):
Well, first of all, Jeff Google, Marc Z, M a R C Z M a R C, and then the letter Z. And we’ll come right up where Mark’s, M a R C Z or 6 1 7 3 3 8 1 3.

Jeffrey (6m 46s):
Well, thank you very much, mark. We appreciate these updates every week. We know we’re going to see you again next week on Radio Entrepreneurs.

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