Link To Guest Website: Todd Patkin

Title: “Twelve Weeks To Living A Happier Life”
Guest: Todd Patkin – “Finding Happiness with Todd” on YouTube
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis – MAGE LLC

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Jeffrey (0s):
Hello, everybody. Welcome back to Radio Entrepreneurs. My name is Jeffrey Davis. I am the host of Radio Entrepreneurs, and we continue to stream stories during these very, very turbulent and changing times about entrepreneurship leadership and how people are dealing with it. And who better to talk to during these times then maybe the authority on Finding Happiness, Todd Patkin, founder of Finding Happiness. Welcome back, Todd,

Todd (28s):
Jeff. Great to be with you again.

Jeffrey (30s):
Well, Todd, you know, I’ve probably seen in the last two years and has been increasing of late more stress than I saw in the previous 35 years of my working with people. And if you have a process and formula, it helps them to sort of calm down and find their place in this time. I think that’s just wonderful. So why don’t you tell our listeners all about what you’re doing?

Todd (53s):
Well, I have a 12 week program to happiness. I was someone who was very stressed out at an earlier age, insecure, struggled with all sorts of things. I actually had a brutal, nervous breakdown at the age of 36 and came through that and had to ask myself, you know, why was I so broken and actually wanted to kill myself for probably two or three days? During that breakdown? I have a beautiful wife, a wonderful son at the time I was making more money than I ever dreamed would be possible. And I started thinking about all the ways that I sabotaged my life. And I tried to turn that around and I came up with a 12 week program that I teach people.

Todd (1m 36s):
I travel the country and teach people how to do this step-by-step and really turn their lives around. And a lot of them have said that it’s made a huge difference in their lives.

Jeffrey (1m 48s):
So could you go through some of the skeleton of the program? So they get a sense of what they would go through if they sign up with you?

Todd (1m 54s):
Yeah. The most important thing I think is week three, week one and week two, a really preparation week. One is encouraging people to get off the couch and to move exercise is great, but I know it turns a lot of people off to think about actually going to the gym. So we just encourage them to get off the couch, dance, move, walk the dog, do anything they can to get some physical exercise because when you’re moving, you feel a lot more powerful. You feel more relaxed, the endorphins get going. So it sets us up to be more successful with weeks three through 12 of the program, we two also sets us up. It’s listening to motivational and positive material.

Todd (2m 35s):
Anyone who reads a positive peace the night before they go to bed or first thing in the morning knows it just changes the way you see things you think you can take on the world and everything seems a lot more positive. So those are the two weeks that get us ready for weeks three through 12 week three through 12 are simple. You can certainly understand what is required, but it’s very difficult to change because we’re trying to take someone for instance, if you’re my age, 57, who’s lived an entire life thinking a certain way. And we’re trying to actually have you think almost in the opposite way. For example, in week three, we focused on how to be easier on ourselves.

Todd (3m 18s):
Most people treat themselves worse than they would ever treat their worst enemy. They constantly telling themselves how stupid they are, how ugly they are and how fat they are, how they can’t succeed in anything. They go about their day doing so many things, right? But they pick it. The one thing that maybe they did wrong and they bring it home and really beat themselves up about it the entire night. So we encourage people slowly through a process of looking at it when they start to beat themselves up. And at first simply recognizing that and trying to bring it to even, you’re not going to immediately be able to go from someone who’s always constantly beating themselves up to turning it around and saying, Hey, you know, it’s not such a big deal.

Todd (4m 4s):
I’m a good person. So we do it one step at a time, but that’s really the most important one. We really Jeffery ruin our lives by the way that we talk to ourselves in our head every single day.

Jeffrey (4m 16s):
You know, I think that that’s true. We create sort of self conversations that defeat ourselves and set up a paradigm for us not to be successful. People don’t know how to be successful. So I think you’re right on the money. Todd does your program, does it include material just for our listeners materials, individual coaching group coaching? Is it on, is it online? How does the whole thing sort of work in play its way out?

Todd (4m 40s):
Well, right now I have it videos on my website, which is And the 12 week program is right on my website. Or if you prefer, you can simply go to YouTube and it’s Finding Happiness with Todd. So it’s a 12 week program. If you prefer to have your own workbook to actually work with it, you can go to my website and it will say buy the workbook. I also have a book about my life, my life story, which is called Finding Happiness talks about all of my upbringing struggles with depression struggles, with bullying.

Todd (5m 24s):
And then a lot of my high points. I say, I’ve had the highest highs and the lowest lows of anyone. I know so many great things have happened to me in my legs. But as I pointed out, I also had these brutal struggles with depression and anxiety. So that’s a book that if someone is interested in, they could also buy it off my website.

Jeffrey (5m 43s):
I remember endorsing your book and I, if I remember correctly, I’m one of your endorser’s on the back cover. And I do encourage people to look at your book and understand these things because people who are struggling with the things that you’re talking about, they need help and they need to know they’re not alone. And that’s what you’re trying to show them, correct. That they’re not alone. And there is a process.

Todd (6m 2s):
Well, that’s everything I’m trying to do with my life. You know, I’m the first person that comes out and says, listen, you know, I’m bipolar, but I take the right medication. I tell everybody that I’m such a proponent on medication. So many people don’t take meds for whatever reason, but if you’re really struggling with fairly severe depression or anxiety, you can take one or two pills. And all of a sudden, everything is so much brighter and so much more wonderful. So really that’s what I’m dedicating my life to is kind of coming out of the closet and saying, look, you know, I have these struggles, I have mental illness, but I’ve been able to overcome it through medication and through my 12 week program.

Todd (6m 42s):
So, absolutely. And that’s why I wrote the book. When I wrote the book, I envisioned a science class in, when you were in 11th grade and you dissected a frog and I wanted to lie on the table, like a frog naked to the world where they could see all the things I went through growing up. But everybody goes through it. You know, I did so many silly things that girl, I know, invited me to her junior cotillion. And she was so beautiful. And I couldn’t believe she invited me because I was so bad with girls. And I went to work boots because I didn’t know better. And she was so embarrassed when I went to her cotillion, Nala friends saw her date with work boots. And then I thought I’d be so cool by pulling the chair out for her to sit on it.

Todd (7m 27s):
And she sat right on the floor. And it’s funny, cause it still bothers me. I about six months ago, I tried to find the girl, my wife thought I was crazy. And I just wanted to apologize to her at age 57 and say, I’m so sorry that I was so foolish. I want people to know that we all go into meetings with our fly down. I have no doubt that president Obama, if you’re a Republican president, Trump, they all have gone into important, important meetings with their fly down and we just do it. But most people think I’m the only person in the world who could have been so stupid to go to my most important meeting of the year with my flight now, no, you’re a human being.

Todd (8m 7s):

Jeffrey (8m 8s):
Well look at, you know, I can mention every president is too, but just recently we have a president who was doing a photo op. He rides his bike across the street. And then when he stops, he forgets to take his foot out of the pedal and falls over on the bicycle everybody’s got. And I’m sure that was a lot of grist for a lot of negativity. Todd, you know, I always get pumped when I’m going to see you. I get even more pumped when I listened to you. I endorse you strongly. If somebody else is interested in learning more about your program, how can they find you?

Todd (8m 39s):
The best thing is just to go to Todd Patkin dot com. That’s my website. I have, you know, my email address there. I’m happy to have them email me directly and ask me any questions. If I can be of help. And then all my materials are there. And my 12 week program is

Jeffrey (8m 55s):
There. Well right? Remind everybody. This is Radio Entrepreneurs and we’ve been speaking with Todd. Patkin the founder of Finding Happiness with Todd Patkin. Todd Patkin is Mr. Happiness. Thanks to everyone who tuned into this segment. And we’re coming back with more after this break.

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