Jyotin’s work experience in Information technology is focused on the areas of Information Security, Privacy, and Risk. He has worked with clients for over 20+ years. His most recent experience has been in the building and implementing a Risk Management program for a large healthcare, healthcare research, Life Sciences, technology, retail, and hospitality industries. At SecureFLO we focus on listening to our customers, developing strategies to reduce risk. Our objective in doing so is to develop a secure operational environment and manage risk to the data lifecycle for the business. We are delivering security as a service on a subscription model. All engagements start with an assessment of risk, development of governance, remediation using technology and we continue to the journey with ongoing compliance services. We understand technology and its progression. Business has changed, innovation has increased, there is a lot more open source use and acceptance. We have artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain widely changing the landscape.


Title: “Security & Privacy Compliance”
Guest: Jyotin Gambhir of SecureFlo
Interviewer: Jonathan Freedman of MAGE LLC



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