Ed McDonough is a nationally recognized Email Marketing Consultant, creator of the Quantum Email Marketing Platform, the Co-Author of the Profit Sucking Time Bomb, Author of books The Complete Internet Marketing Strategy Guide and The Email Marketing Advantage, and the founder of the marketing agency, ECE Marketing Services. Since 2001 Ed has been a successful entrepreneur and multi-business owner who has a unique talent for developing and implementing long-term profitable marketing strategies. In addition to his business owner experience, Mr. McDonough spent over 25 years as a top-level Information Technology professional and Project Management Consultant in Corporate America, making him well versed in all facets of the business environment. Ed is a graduate of the EPC Institute and the Expect Success Academy, a certified Email Marketing Specialist and Consultant, he has taught seminars on Marketing and Email Marketing throughout the United States and is a keynote speaker for The Marketing Camp. Active in the local business community, Ed is an experienced business speaker who is engaging, informing, entertaining and educating. He tells it like it is and passionately shares his knowledge and real-life experiences with an open heart so the audience can take action and being growing their business as soon as they leave one of his seminars or workshops.


Title: “Customer Reactivation & B2B Email Marketing”
Guests: Ed McDonough – ECE Marketing Services
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis, MAGE LLC & Peter Myerson, Author & Attorney



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