At Treeline, we’ve built an organization of professionals who know the industry inside and out. We’ve been out on the road. We’ve closed the big deals. And together, we’ll bring you the candidates you need to shatter your sales projections. We listen, probe, and work hard to understand exactly what you want – whether you’re a Fortune 100 company or a pre-IPO start-up. We know that time is money…especially in sales. So we listen. We do our homework. We move fast. And we deliver. Treeline is the developer of the Treeline Resume (, a sales hiring technology and service that helps hiring managers find and hire the perfect fit faster and with less cost. This technology fuses social technologies and behaviors with hiring best practices.

Title: “Discussing What Makes A Good Salesperson And How To Find Them”
Guest: Dan Fantasia – Treeline Inc
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis, MAGE LLC



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