I started in this industry in July 1986. My firm specializes in tailoring personalized and customized financial plans for our clients. We add tremendous value, by truly listening to our clients; getting initimately familiar with their needs, goals, dreams…. We wrap our arms around the data that we receive from our clients, and work magic by designing a plan that is practical, concrete and can be implemented with ease for the benefit of the client. This plan addresses areas in: Insurance(life, long term care, disability), investments, budgeting, pensions/retirement plans, and advice on life decisions such as home purchase, college planning, and more. Since 1986, we have specialized in the 403b market, and in the area of financial planning for motivated individuals, and small businesses.


Title: “Helping Educators and Non-Profits Save Money”
Guest: Theresa Rosen – Prudence Financial
Interviewer: Nathan Gobes – MAGE LLC



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