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Title: “Helping Entrepreneurs From Asia Reach American Markets & Consumers”
Guest: Suzy Im – BDMT Global
Interviewer: Jeffrey Davis – MAGE LLC

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Jeffrey (1s):
Well, hello, everybody. Welcome back to Radio Entrepreneurs. Again, my name is Jeffrey Davis. I’m the host of the radio entrepreneurs, and we continue to stream stories of entrepreneurship leadership and how people are dealing with this economy. Our next guest first timer, always like first timers, get to meet new people, Suzy Im founder, and head of BDMT Global. Well welcome.

Suzy (27s):
Thank you. Thanks for having me today.

Jeffrey (30s):
Thank you. So, Suzy, what is, BDMT

Suzy (35s):
Sure the BDMT like its name indicates it combines a two most critical functions for companies penetrating new markets, such as for international companies entering the us market or for us companies going global, like especially Asia, where I’ve come from. BDMT Global. As I mentioned, it’s a business vomit and marketing communications. So BDMT Global is a four time or weaning innovative business model led by a group of experts focusing on specific industries, such as healthcare, medical devices, technology, and life sciences and manufacturing industries.

Suzy (1m 19s):
So we offer on all sorts of business growth and marketing services. We offer a strategic go-to-market business development and with a complete end to end solutions for driving market demand and marketing transformation services for companies, again, trying to break into the U S market or for local companies going global. That’s what we do.

Jeffrey (1m 44s):
Oh, that’s a better definition. I like that. That’s clear. So let’s pretend I had a pharmaceutical business. What size business you like to work with and what type of specific things would you be doing for me?

Suzy (1m 56s):
Yeah, sure. So we work with us starter companies, as well as the big companies I’ve been working in industry for over 20 years. Now, current clients we have is you, you know, like a large global company, like global company, as well as a startup, we expand our client’s network of like partnerships and create a strong industry references in the target and Shamar I get, and we also generate distribution channels and expand opportunities and maximize the sales efforts. That’s the ultimate goal at the end of the day, as mentioned, it’s very critical function for that.

Suzy (2m 38s):
We offer for companies going to new markets because every, you know, as you know, industry has a different land ecosystem and you know, like how, how to go by. So we come up by combining those two critical functions. We help companies to expand company expanding the more opportunities as much as possible.

Jeffrey (3m 3s):
Most of your company’s foreign home, a client foreign owned companies.

Suzy (3m 9s):
Well, yeah, I mean, I hate, I don’t know if I can mention company names, but yes, we have, you know, like top, you know, like top 10 global companies in the, you know, industry that they are in, for example, largest 3d inspection companies, for example, that was one of our, And one of our clients or larger manufacturing companies that, that, that you often see in best buy, for example, that’s, that’s been our client for a longest time. We also help very small startups, like, you know, for example, artificial intelligence in fashion, that’s like a newest technology that, that, you know, a lot of people talking about these days and that’s our, that’s been our client since, you know, March of this year as well.

Suzy (3m 57s):
So we have a mix of clients sizes and, you know, industry that we serve.

Jeffrey (4m 4s):
Interesting. It’s seriously a very competitive market. Or do you feel like you sort of stand alone with what you do?

Suzy (4m 11s):
So yes, there are a lot of a digital marketing agency and there a lot of marketing companies. So obviously it’s very, very competitive market, but the way I see it is what we offer is very unique. As I mentioned, BDMT Global combines a two critical functions, which is very, very hard things to do. So we, our team offers, as I mentioned, strategic go-to-market business and link development within, you know, with the complete end to end solutions, which means that each individual expert has to understand how the market works. So for example, you know, if healthcare medical device company coming into the U S market and their company might have a best technology in the world, but if they or the company does not understand how us healthcare system works or the other way around, if you S largest healthcare company going to Korea, for example, right?

Suzy (5m 9s):
And if they don’t understand the local market, you know, it’s hard to combine, it’s hard to accomplish their busy bombing goals. And so digital marketing helps, but obviously, you know, you know, we need to make sure that we have a very strong strategy in place first. And then we also have to understand the decision making process. And as you know, decision making process is very different from market to market. So we are in a very unique situation where we understand digital marketing, as well as the, the strategic business element side of it. So we feel that we have what we offer is very unique and strong and critical.

Suzy (5m 53s):

Jeffrey (5m 54s):
You know, you have a lot of international experience. All right. What are some of the limitations of international clients right now?

Suzy (6m 2s):
Yeah, so as you know, during Corvette in a lot of companies have a very limited because you know, ways to get around with a global business, but our client you’ve been always like that. You know, the company’s always had a limitation in terms of their budget and local presence, a local relevance and understanding of local knowledge. So it’s nothing new for us, for our clients. So it just, it opened a more door in a sense. So we’ve been always focused on finding most strategic ways to makes high touch digital business development methods for our international clients or local us companies going global.

Suzy (6m 44s):
So we offer often recommend, like for example, you know, industry targeted event without attending expensive betray shells or ways to be move a middleman and reach a large portion of a buyers by salvaging their own channels and a waist reach decision-makers through opinion leaders, industry influencers, and, and that could affect the decision making process. There are a lot of ways to do, but sometimes companies very limiting themselves just to have like one or, you know, one like, you know, distribution channel and that’s it. Or they often go to CS or Laura is a trade show. And, and, you know, obviously CS is great, but there are a lot of things you can do with a trade Trish opportunity or without, so there are a lot of ways to be creative.

Suzy (7m 29s):
So that’s what we do to help B2B companies with our expertise, helping B2B strategic funnel management, going global, or coming into the U S

Jeffrey (7m 44s):
Suzy. I had more questions, but the time is always limited. We’re going to have to have you back again. We’re speaking with Suzy Im Foundr ahead of BDMT Global Suzy. If someone wants to learn more about you and how you do your work and how you can help them, how would they find you?

Suzy (8m 0s):
Yeah, sure. You can find more information at our homes homepage, www dot BDMT Global, or you can email me directly as I am at BDMT Global dot com. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

Jeffrey (8m 16s):
I want to thank you for being on the show today. First-timer I hope you come back. I had a whole bunch more questions, but we’ve used up all the time and I want to thank you again, Suzy Im founder of BDMT. Thanks for being on Radio Entrepreneurs today.

Suzy (8m 28s):
Thank you so much for having me. Bye bye. Bye bye.

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